2020 is over! Good riddance! The global pandemic had a significant effect on business locally in Kenya and globally, transforming every facet of the economy. If you are like many digital marketers, you have made some observations, done some research, and evaluated your strategies moving forward. So, what do you have planned for 2021? Well, just like many businesses, digital marketing in Kenya has undergone a complete overhaul.

Virtual platforms have taken center stage when it comes to interactions; there’s also been a rapid increase in new technology, trends, brands, and consumer behavior. To stay ahead of the game, Kenyan digital marketers need to look out into the future, catch up on the latest 2021 digital marketing trends for Kenyan businesses.

Best 2021 Digital Marketing Trends for Kenyan Businesses

Below we will cover the hottest digital marketing trends for 2021 to help you get a head start over your competition.

Enhance your Website Search Functions

The global pandemic effects have forced consumers to spend more time online looking and researching products and services.  According to leading experts at ISA (International School of Advertising), consumers, now more than ever, rely heavily on the information they search online since they can’t physically view, compare or touch products, making businesses’ online presence a critical move. Therefore, it is essential to make sure all your business information is up to date and always available so consumers can follow through.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

In 2021, all your digital marketing platforms need to be mobile-friendly; there’s no compromise. In Kenya, more than a third of the population use mobile phones to access the internet. And while mobile eCommerce sales are expected to account for about 50% of online sales globally, strategically positioning yourself will keep you ahead of your competition.

Short-form videos

With millions of content to access freely on the internet, consumer boredom levels have increased. During the pandemic, social media platforms such as TikTok gained popularity due to their short-form video entertainment formats, and soon Facebook and Snapchat followed suit with similar redesigns. Over the second quarter of 2020, it is estimated that 20% of total marketing budgets for marketing were set aside for social media.

Environmental and ethical responsibility

Businesses that include environmentalism and social, ethical responsibility are likely to flourish in 2021. According to surveys, about 80% of consumers feel companies need to help improve the environment. To gain leverage, marketers need to adjust messaging to appeal to enlightened consumers passionate about a business’s purpose and commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Taking steps to care for health, social responsibility, and the environment will win favor among enlightened consumers, showing your dedication, not just for their business but welfare.

Interactive content

The interactive content trend has been here for a while, but in 2021, it is set to be recognized as some of the best practices for digital marketers. Having interactive content on your website isn’t just good for consumer engagement. It’s also essential to improve your audience’s enjoyment. Including interactive content such as contests, quizzes, surveys, calculators, polls, etc., have a significant effect on your brand. Look at it this way, at the very least; they will increase the number of time users spend on your platforms.


In 2021, there’s going to be a new challenge for user privacy, which will affect targeted ads on social media especially with the implementation of the CCPA. Therefore, it is essential to review your digital marketing strategies to avoid falling short of old tactics from 2020. It is also advisable to practice customer segmentation to widen your scope among consumer segments rather than settling for large marketing campaigns for a smaller audience.

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